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Country Café Breakfast Menu

Home-style Egg Platters
All served with home fries or grits n’ toast
1 Egg, yer way- w/Home-fries n’ Toast $5.95
2 Eggs, yer way- w/Home-fries n’ Toast $6.95
Add Some Bacon, Taylor Ham, Sausage, Ham $8.95
Add Some Steak, Corned Beef Hash, Canadian Bacon,
Ham steak, Turkey Sausage, Turkey Bacon
 Scrambled Cheesy Egg- w/Home-fries n’ Toast $7.95
Atkins Platter- 3 eggs scrambled w/cheese, sausage $8.95
Skinny Chicken- Egg whites, grilled chicken, fruit n’ toast $10.95
*egg platter with choice of wheat ,white,rye & raisin

Toast …..*12 grain add .95

Country Omelettes
All served with home-fries or grits n’toast
Plain ol’ Cheese $7.95
Veggie & feta cheese $9.95
Spinach, Lace Swiss and tomato $9.95
Roasted pepper, Fresh Mozzarella $9.95
Bacon and cheese $8.50
Turkey bacon,spinach,tomato,cheddar $10.95
Steak, Pepper-jack, Tomato $10.95
Grilled chicken,pepper,onion,pepper-jack $10.95
Spinach,feta,grilled chicken and onion $10.95
Mexican Grilled Chicken, Black Beans
   Salsa, Cheddar $10.95
Cowboy-Ham, Peppers, Onions $9.50
Meat Lovers n cheese $10.95

Our Special Egg White Omelettes
All served with home-fries or grits n’ toast
Veggies and feta cheese $10.95
Spinach, Lace, tomato $10.95
Broccoli, Mushroom, Cheddar $10.95
Fresh Mozz, Roasted Pepper,spinach $10.95
Grilled Chicken, Pepperjack, fried Onions $10.95
Turkey Sausage, Tomato, Lace $10.95
Avocado, Spinach, Tomato, Cheddar $10.95
Avocado, turkey bacon,peppjack cheese $11.95
Mexican-Grilled Chicken, Black Beans
   Salsa, Cheddar $11.95
Breakfast Burritos
All Served with homefries
Bacon, Scrambled Egg n’ Cheese $9.50
Steak, Scrambled Egg n’ Jack Cheese $9.95
Western_ham,pep,oinion and ,cheese $9.95
Egg Whites, Tomato n’ Lace swiss $9.95
Egg Whites, Grilled Chicken, Onions n’ Jack Cheese $10.95
Egg Whites,turkey bacon,avocado n’ cheddar $10.95
Egg Sandwiches
Egg n’ Cheese $3.50
Bacon, Taylor Ham, Sausage, or Ham n’ Egg $4.75
…add Some Cheese $5.00
Canadian Bacon, Steak or Turkey Sausage,egg

And cheese

Turkey bacon,avocado,egg n’ cheese $5.95
On 12 Grain or Bagel Add $ .95
Grandma’s Grilled French Toast
Plain Ol’ French Toast w/Cinnamon n’ Sugar $6.95
Whole Wheat French Toast $7.50
12 Grain French Toast $8.50
Mixed Berry French Toast $8.95
Banana Nut w/Caramel Sauce $8.95
Hearty Pancakes
Full Stack $6.50
Short Stack $5.50
Banana Stack $7.95
Chocolate Chip Stack $7.50
Berry Stack $8.95
Baked Apple Stack $8.95
Cranberry n’ Walnut Stack $8.95
Strawberry chocolate chip $8.95
Belgium Waffles
 Fresh hot waffles- butter n syrup $10.50
Waffles with fresh berries $11.95
Waffles with 2 eggs n bacon $11.95
Waffles with banana and chocolate sryup $11.95
Mom’s Oatmeal
Plain Ol’ Oatmeal $4.75
Brown Sugar n’ Raisin $5.25
Mixed Berries $6.50
Banana n’ Raisins $6.50
Country-Cranberries, Granola n’ pralines $6.95
Sumthin on Side
Avocado Toast $3.50
Toasted Muffin $2.75
White, Wheat, Rye, English , wheat english $1.95
Waffle $4.50
Bagel, 12 Grain, Cinnamon Raisin Toast $2.25
Taylor Ham, Bacon, Sausage, Ham $3.95
Canadian Bacon, Corned Beef Hash,
   Honey Ham, Turkey Sausage, Turkey Bacon $3.95
Our Famous Homefries $2.95
Grits $2.25
   w/cheese $2.95
Cup of Fruit $3.95
Bowl of Fruit $5.95
Down Home Favorites!!!!
Little Jimmy’s Tractor– 2 Eggs, Taylor Ham, on a French Toast Sandwich $8.95
Johnny B. Good– Crumbled Bacon, Cheese n’Potato in Scrambled Eggs $9.95
Texas Tophat– Cheddar n’ Avocado Omelette w/Chili on Top $10.95
Little Brother– Chicken Cheesesteak Omelette w/Swiss n’ Grilled Onions $9.95
BELGUIM Waffles – 2 eggs and turkey bacon

Cowboy Combo – 2 Cakes, 2 Eggs, n’ Bacon



G Money– Egg White, Grilled Chicken, Spinach n’ Salsa Omelette $10.95
G Baby– Oatmeal Bowl w/Banana, Peanut Butter n’ Sugar Free Syrup $6.95
Geno– Taylor Ham, Horseradish Cheddar n’ Hot Peppers Omelette $10.95

Mason- Egg white,turkey,pepper-jack,bacon and tomato omelette

 Wet your whistle
Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate        $2.50  /

Apple, Orange, Grapefruit, Cranberry, V8 Juices.
mall..1.95  medium..2.75  large 3.00


add fruit to platter…1.25

add tomato…..75

add 12 grain… 95

add Avocado…1.50